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About Work-Work

Work-Work is a merge between a co-working space and a bar to promote game development and technology.

Work-Work is a place where inspiring game developers and technology enthusiasts work among others in a similar position.

Work-Work has a strong focus on collaboration between people of different fields. It is a place where programmers can find artists and designers for their next project, where story writers can gather developers around their compelling idea, and where experienced game developers can inspire the next generation.

Work-Work will have a video game themed bar which ties closely together with Work-Work. This is a place where you can beta-test your latest creation, be it a board game or a new angry birds. It is a playground where we want the community to have a great influence over the whole experience. If you have a motion-sensor-LED-pong-machine you want to show off, AWESOME, we will hastily give you space for it in the bar! The bar is also a place where you can use common commerce principles to obtain, among others, the potion of courage +1.

Work-Work is the place we feel is missing, a place where we want to be and where we want to see others succeed